The Aranda Solution

Focused on getting innovations to patients who most need them

Designed as a hybrid non- and for-profit, Aranda is focused on solving the AMR challenge – getting innovations to patients who most need them.

By focusing on patient impact, we increase access, adoption and appropriate use of medical innovations in geographies often neglected by industry.

By focusing on the global potential for innovations in diagnostics and therapeutics in low- and middle-income countries, we create economies of scale in pricing and increase the overall market size.

By being structured to be fully self-funding, we are established to succeed in the long term and not be constrained by the need for a continuous supply of public funds.

Proven methodology – delivery assurance

We use a delivery assurance process to work with governments, civil society and industry on access, adoption, stewardship and appropriate use of medical innovations across public and private health systems in their countries.

Delivery assurance isn’t rocket science. Using techniques pioneered in the U.K., refined in Malaysia and deployed across the globe from Africa to Australia, we help governments drive their own machinery in concert with industry and civil society toward specific access and stewardship goals.

Key facts about the Aranda model

  • Focuses on creating access and building markets for existing and new therapeutics.
  • Guided by public health needs – keeps AMR stewardship and health outcomes as the core focus.
  • Delivers adoption and appropriate use through focused stewardship program.
  • Derives sustainable revenue from fixed-price royalties and performance fees.
  • Invests cash flow into driving patient access and patient impact.
  • Self-sustaining after 3 to 5 years – no further public grants required.
  • Uses traditional financial instruments to leverage initial grants and seed capital.


We provide an opportunity to establish a commercial business designed to solve one of the world’s most intractable problems