About us

An enduring and self-funding program to reach people across the world

Aranda has been established to solve the challenge of delivering the right antimicrobials to patients who need them across the world – and therefore slowing down the process of resistance.

The Covid-19 pandemic was predictable, predicted, and may have been preventable.

So too is the eventual failure of antibiotics – the enablers of all modern healthcare.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is rapidly increasing due to over-use and lack of access to the full range of existing antimicrobial therapeutics. This has to change.

Annual deaths are forecast to exceed more than 10 million per year, within a couple of decades. That’s 3 times the current pandemic, every year. Normal activities – like playing football or pruning roses – will again become risky.

We have been here before, but since Fleming’s discovery, antibiotics were our infantry in the fight against bacteria. Yet investment in new discoveries rapidly diminished. Our army is depleted – yet the bacteria will never stop learning how to resist.

Current investment in new antibiotics is extremely low.

Aranda offers a comprehensive solution:

  1. Support for patients by rapidly expanding access to the full range of diagnostic consumables and therapeutic antimicrobials across the world, not just 20-year old, off-patent ones, and
  2. Support for innovators by creating usage-delinked market opportunities for their novel products to reach and treat patients.

The net result: an enduring and self-funding program designed to reach all patients in need, directly tied to better health outcomes for real people. 


We provide an opportunity to establish a commercial business designed to solve one of the world’s most intractable problems